Shaun Pascoe

Shaun Pascoe is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist who runs our Heidelberg office, which is situated only minutes away from the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court, where Shaun appears regularly.

Since joining the firm, Shaun Pascoe has obtained extensive experience representing clients charged with a variety of offences, from the seeming minor (drive whilst license suspended, drink driving), through to the most serious offences in our criminal calendar (rape, armed robbery, intentionally cause serious injury). Shaun is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients through the execution of a thoughtfully prepared and presented case. He has extensive experience representing clients on a contested (plea of not guilty) and non-contested (plea of guilty) charges. Shaun opened Heidelberg in December 2008 and it is an extremely busy practice. Most days of the week Shaun is presenting cases before the Heidelberg Magistrates Court, although he also attends the Melbourne County Court, and other suburban courts as required. Shaun has been a volunteer solicitor with the Whittlesea Community Legal Service for the last 2 years. Prior to this, he worked as a volunteer for the Broadmeadows Community Legal Service. Receiving a charge for any police matter will provoke uncertainty and distress. Instructing Shaun Pascoe to represent you will ensure some peace of mind through this difficult period.

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