Kate Da Costa

Kate is part of our Sunshine team and is one of our senior associates. She is an excellent traffic lawyer and regularly handles cases at the Sunshine Magistrates' Court.

Kate Da Costa is a highly experienced criminal lawyer having been practising solely in the area of criminal law ever since her admission in 2002. She has handled cases in all criminal law jurisdictions in Victoria including in the High Court of Australia. Being a passionate lawyer and a dedicated advocate for her clients, Kate ensures that the criminal justice system is able to deliver a fair trial for any accused in court. She understands that this can only be made possible through excellent lawyering and a competent representation that does not discriminate on a client's social status, the charges against them, or any other circumstances surrounding an offending. Apart from her expertise on various traffic charges, Kate Da Costa also instructs Counsel - including Queen’s and Senior Counsel - in trials and pleas in the County Court and Supreme Court.

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