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Fighting a Traffic Charge

Driving and traffic charges are considered very serious by the Courts, and penalties can range from a hefty fine and licence disqualification to imprisonment. Other than having a criminal conviction recorded against you, which can impact your employment and prospects, a licence disqualification may immediately affect your affect lifestyle and employment.

Effectively fighting a traffic charge can mean that the impact on your life, livelihood and loved ones is as minimal as possible.

For the best possible defence in Court, you should seek the advice of a skilled traffic lawyer. Even if you are planning to enter a plea of guilty, a traffic lawyer can best represent you to the Courts, put your offending in context and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

What Can We Do?

If you are deciding whether to use a lawyer to represent you in court, you should consider a good defence lawyer who is a specialist in driving cases. A skilled traffic lawyer will:

  • Know what the court can take into account to reduce disqualification periods
  • Know what it is the Court wants to hear and can make really useful submissions directed to those topics and issues
  • Understand what a Magistrate does not want to hear and will not say things that are likely to anger the magistrate and make things worse.
  • Know all the law about sentencing law and can make submissions to your advantage.
  • Properly convey who you really are to a Magistrate who will be dealing with a lot of matters on that day.
  • Ensure they have all the documents including character references that need to be given to the Magistrate .
  • Knows all the defences to traffic available and can advise you as to your likely prospects of success.
  • Stand up as a traffic lawyer for you to a Magistrate.

Why Use Doogue + George in Fighting a Traffic Charge?

The most important factor when choosing a traffic lawyer or driving solicitor is finding one in whom you have confidence; and one who has a great record of getting the best results for people when fighting a traffic charge.

We receive many referrals from clients who pass on our details to friends and family. They refer us because we have achieved great results and have clearly communicated with them.

Clear Strategy

At Doogue + George, we pride ourselves on thinking strategically for clients.

We know the best ways to present your matter at court. Our traffic solicitors work as a team and will strive for the best result you can get. Each client is different, all circumstances are individual and that needs to be reflected in the approach taken on their behalf.

Fixed Costs

We offer our clients a fixed price for traffic charges. This means that you will know how much you are going to be charged. A fixed price or lump sum is exactly as it sounds and means you do not get an invoice charging you for each call or conference

We find clients like the certainty that fixed fees gives them.

Our Preparation

Preparation is the key to everything. When fighting a traffic charge, your traffic lawyer needs to have a command of the facts and of the details about your life.

There is nothing worse than seeing driving lawyers turn around in Court and ask their clients questions. If you are someone’s driving lawyer, you should know all the details that a Magistrate might ask about.

Regardless of whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty, we will properly prepare you for court.

Ethics and Honesty

Doogue + George is a firm with a very good reputation before the Courts. We will represent you with a high level of honesty, respect and understanding.

All your legal needs will be met by our driving lawyers. We take instructions from you and we appear in Court for you. We are Barristers and Solicitors who specialise in fighting traffic charges.

Telephone calls are promptly returned and clients are fully informed of all developments in their case.

Knowledge and Experience with Magistrates

Experience is the key to your best outcome.

We have handled over 10,000 criminal and traffic cases, our experience in Court is second to none. We file our cases in a comprehensive database with all results as well as the Magistrate in the case. This helps us to assess Magistrates and how best to approach each case.

The Magistrates understand that we endeavour to achieve the best outcome for our clients when fighting traffic charges, but that we respect the rules and do not waste their time with useless submissions.

They know that as your traffic lawyer, we will focus in on the important factors and how you have come to be before the Court.

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