Create False Entry in Log Book – Diversion

This is a case study on a sentence of diversion for Create False Entry in Log Book.

Our client was accused of deliberately providing false details in regards to the distance covered when driving his truck over certain periods. He was delivering freight interstate as part of operations of his own business. The police charged him with Create False Entry in Log Book x 4 (s. 191Z of the Road Safety Act), alleging that if the entries provided were true, his truck would have been travelling above the permitted speed limit (100 km/hr).

It must be noted that each offence under s. 191Z may result in a fine of 100 penalty units ($10,000) as a maximum penalty.

Shaun Pascoe acted on the client’s behalf at the Sunshine Magistrates’ Court. Our client works as a full-time truck driver and if he were to be suspended from driving, his business will greatly suffer.

Negotiations were made with the informant and the prosecutor. An application for diversion for Create False Entry in Log Book was submitted which eventually was granted by the magistrate on conditions that our client be of good behaviour for 3 months

This was an excellent result. No fine was imposed against our client and no order against his licence was made. Further, no record regarding this incident was entered on his Vic Roads traffic history.

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