Careless Driving – No Order Against Licence

Our client was facing a charge of Careless Driving and two other assault offences at the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court.

The allegations were that our client had intentionally stalked the complainant and demonstrated behaviour that was deemed threatening. This was disputed by the client.

It must be noted that our client has never been previously in court for any offences. The complainant, however, has a public record for a previous discreditable conduct.

Shaun Pascoe acted on the client’s behalf.

We discussed the matter with the prosecution which ultimately resulted in the significant charges being withdrawn. It was understood that if the case were to proceed to a contest, the stalking and assault charges cannot stand based on evidence from the complainant (credibility issues).

Our client instructed us to submit a guilty plea on the remaining charge of Careless Driving. For this, the court imposed a fine but made no orders against his licence.

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