Careless Driving and Exceed PCA – Minimum Licence Disqualification

Our client lost control of his car and accidentally drove into a shop. His car and another car was written-off as a result. He was tested for alcohol and showed a Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.13. He was charged with:

  • Careless Driving
  • Exceed PCA

Bill Doogue acted on the client’s behalf at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

The client has a previous conviction for drink driving but this was back in the early 1990s.

Submissions were made to the magistrate in regards to our client’s character. Our client had not expected to consume alcohol on the evening when the incident occurred. He was also otherwise an exceptionally hardworking and decent man and was truly remorseful over the incident. He had voluntarily attended a Road Trauma Awareness Course and even started a drink driving awareness program at his place of employment.

For the Exceed PCA offence, the magistrate imposed a licence disqualification for the minimum period. No further penalty was imposed for the Careless Driving offence.

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