Bail Application for Traffic and Drug Charges

This is a case study on a bail application for traffic and drug charges.

The police charged our client with Driving Disqualified and several other drug offences. The allegations were that our client was trafficking 12 kilograms of cannabis and was in possession of prohibited weapons such as knives and a handgun. Cannabis was found in his car. A search of his home also revealed cannabis plants, cannabis, scales, drying racks, and an electrical bypass.

There were also warrants for our client related to 4 other matters that include a Breach of Community Corrections Order.

We applied for bail in behalf of the client at the Sunshine Magistrates’ Court. Overall, the offences involved were:

  • Drive Disqualified
  • Trafficking
  • Possess Drug of Dependence
  • Had equipment in connection with a Burglary
  • Fail to Answer Bail

Our client was successfully granted bail by the court with support from CISP. This was made possible by a testimony from our client’s mother telling the court that her son could stay with her and that she would supervise him. Further, we were able to establish before the magistrate that there was no strong evidence to support the Trafficking allegation against our client.

This was an excellent outcome for a bail application for traffic and drug charges.

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