Bail Application – Driving Offences and Other Charges

Our client was a young man who failed to attend court for matters related to an alleged attempted robbery of a shop and assaults committed in a train. Some of the charges filed against him were to be heard at the Broadmeadows Children’s Court while some at the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court. He was eventually arrested.

Josh Taaffe represented the client during the bail application. The offences were:

  • Unlicensed Driving
  • Attempted Robbery
  • Recklessly Causing Injury
  • Criminal Damage
  • Theft

Bail was granted and our client lived with his step-father while under the supervision of Youth Justice. Sentencing for the case was deferred for a number of months and, during this time, our client closely coordinated with Youth Justice. He was also enrolled in a TAFE course in construction.

Our client was further examined for disability services and results showed a brain injury which he may have sustained from a previous attempt at suicide. This was taken into consideration when assessing his offences. Further, the offending occurred at a time when the client was living outside home, was always offended when with his then peers, and was often under the influence of alcohol as a result.

When sentencing came, our client proved to be doing well with his rehabilitation efforts. His TAFE course was almost complete and he was looking forward to start working.

The court ultimately sentenced our client to a 12-month Good Behaviour Bond without conviction. He was ordered to continue coordinating with youth connections and with a designated agency to help him with issues related to his brain injury.

This was a very successful result, primarily because the client was able to access various support services which he truly needs to gain stability in his life.

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